SFOne is the 1P single-axis tracker with a double row by Soltec. This tracker combines the mechanical simplicity with the extraordinary expertise of Soltec for more than 17 years. Specially designed for larger 72 and 78 cell modules, this tracker is self-powered thanks to its dedicated module, with traduces into a lower cost-operational power supply.

The SFOne counts on an innovative full-wireless system and Open Thread mesh network. Its TMS is incorporated for full PV plant control and achieves the communication in the plan with the lowest latency on the market.

The Face-2-Face positioning helps washing vehicles cover twice the array-area per vehicle pass, thus proportionately reducing the hours-per-MW washing rate. The SFOne is a structure of lower height, which will help to reduce the visual impact of the plants.

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SFOne Tracker


Solarfighter is the first all-in-one concept for solar power plants designed for photovoltaic distributed generation projects with tracking system of up to 12 MW. It is a complete kit comprising both the product and a comprehensive service for commissioning a photovoltaic project.

Solarfighter is supported by Soltec’s experience in the development, design, construction and commissioning of the largest photovoltaic plants worldwide, which is now applied to distributed generation projects. It also provides individual developers with the opportunity to use the same technology used by large developers.

This all-in-one kit it composed by: SF7 Solar Tracker by Soltec (adapted to any project), PV modules of the best brands, inverter, communications and cabling, batteries for storage projects, wind sensor, DC Harness and BoP.

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SF8 is the largest single-row tracker on the market. The SF8 tracker has a new minimum 2×60 configuration and 4 to 6-strings up to 100 KW.

A reinforced torque tube with a new, improved geometry, together with an autonomous self-stow system, contribute to increased tracker resistance to adverse weather conditions. The SF8 tracker increases the rigidity of its structure by 22% more than the previous generation of Soltec trackers and it is specially designed for larger 72 and 78 cell modules, an increasing market trend.

The SF8 has 5.16% fewer parts per module than the previous generation of Soltec trackers, thus increasing cost and installation efficiency. Compared to competitors, the revolutionary technology of the SF8 tracker allows up to 8.6% more power generation when bifacial modules are installed.

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SF8 tracker

SF7 & SF7 bifacial single-axis tracker

Its high yield per acre and wide land uses make SF7 and SF7 Bifacial the ideal solar tracker for large scale projects. It has up to 5% yield density over the gap-trackers, favored by a 6% more TeamTrack backtracking gain.

Compared to its main competitor, it has 46% fewer batteries per MW and 15% fewer parts, added to 15% fewer screw connections per battery. Likewise, it requires a very reduced installation time, which allows optimizing construction time and labor. All this makes it possible to significantly reduce the final installation cost while increasing the MW installation rate.

Besides, the capacity of the bifacial modules to collect energy not only in the front but also in the back makes it possible to obtain 30% more efficiency. In this way they capture the reflected radiation on the ground surface under and around the tracker.

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SF 7 Single Axis Tracker

SF7 bifacial single-axis tracker


Projects development

We are dedicated to the development and investment of solar photovoltaic projects based on sustainability, reliability and innovation with the use of advanced technology with the aim of delivering reliable and sustainable projects with a strong return on investment for investors.


We carry out the process of seeking financing through an exhaustive selection of banks and investors through a well-defined financial model.  Our goal is to reduce the price of electricity and maximize value creation for all stakeholders.

Projects engineering

We make each design with the maximum detail in order not to lose sight of the performance. We have a highly experienced team that works closely with the client in order to offer, optimize and develop the most profitable solutions offering the highest return on investment.

Onsite services

The Onsite Advisory Plan service allows our clients to get the most out of each part of the process. Our team of engineers guides the installation of the plant at all times, as well as serving as a guide in each of the parts of the process: logistics, training, commissioning and O&M. In this way we ensure the best organization in each of the parts, achieving compliance with the established deadlines. All this has made it one of the services most demanded by customers.

Solhub factory service

The inclusion of the Solhub logistics service in our chain of work allows the storage and delivery of each of the components of the trackers without intermediary companies, complying with the established deadlines.

We have five factory warehouses totally synchronized in inventory and stock, allowing maximum coordination in operations and work schedules. This offers the best customer experience, providing the highest possible reliability in delivery times.

Training service

We put our 14 years of experience in the field of solar manufacturing and construction at the service of our experts. This allows us to adjust as much as possible to the needs and requirements of each of our clients' projects. This training service is carried out both on site and remotely, which allows us to give optimal answers to urgent problems.

Construction services

Our turnkey installation service allows us to respond to each of our customers' demands, which vary from one market to another. This, together with our regional stock capacity, has enabled us to meet the strictest deadlines.


Soltec has its own plant commissioning service, which includes plant start-up. In addition, we are in charge of supervising the adequate start up of the monitoring of the solar trackers of each project with the presence and assistance of our specialized engineers. We make efficiency our main partner, with a commissioning of 5MW per day, expandable to 10MW/day.


Solmate is Soltec’s customer service, we launched a new platform to offer the best warranty, care, and operation and maintenance to our customers. With local infrastructures in countries such as Mexico, the United States, Brazil, Spain, Chile, and Australia, as well as Solhub warehouses across the globe to initiate rapid management of spare parts, Soltec guarantees the best and fastest response to any operation event.