Growing solar Market underpinned by appealing PV industry dynamics

PV tracker installations will grow 18% annually through 2023, faster than any other PV racking segment. The share of trackers among ground mount solar projects will jump to 42% by 2023 what, together with the privileged position of Soltec Power Holdings in the market, makes it a great investment attraction

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Leading the solar market with a recognized Brand

Soltec Power Holdings is the third accumulative PV tracker manufacturer in the world and a company with a recognized brand with a top-quality pipeline of projects. Theses projects are located all over the world in high potential markets. Soltec Power Holdings has a global and local vision thanks to its uniquely integrated business model that allows the adaption to any project, client and circumstance.


Highly innovative company with best in class products and differentiated solutions

Soltec Power Holdings bled its extended experience in the sector with the best team and equipment to achieve the most innovative of the PV solar market. Implementing all the products and processes to each project through its R&D team.

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A sustainable investment. A key partner in the energetic transition

We are proud to lead the energy transition towards a renewable energy system that is more environmentally friendly. Investment in sustainability is one of the keys to the technology of the future. Soltec Power Holdings is a company dedicated to photovoltaic energy based on the values of sustainability and respect for the environment.


Track record of growth to be continued through a sizeable and visible pipeline

Soltec Power Holdings is a company with a big track record continually growing thanks to its sizeable and visible pipeline. The more than 16 years of experience contribute to a big company client base comprising a portfolio of tier 1 customers in the renewable and solar industry all over the world.


Highly experienced and committed management team supported by founders know how

Soltec Power Holdings counts on a global labor force of more than 1300 people and 16 years of history manufacturing PV tracker equipment which is supplied along with related services. Its facilities are in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Denmark, Egypt, India, Israel, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Spain and the United States.