At Soltec Power Holdings we think our main source of energy comes from our people. Thus, we strive to create a special work culture and environment in which everyone can develop their creativity, as well as other social skills and healthy habits.

Wellbeing is the reaffirmation of our commitment to the welfare and health of our people, with the main purpose of promoting labor, physical and emotional development, both inside and outside the company.


Soltec Growth

The personal and professional development of all our collaborators is one of our main pillars. Therefore, Soltec Power Holdings commits to embracing talent, recruiting the best professionals and ensuring our team is properly trained and qualified.

Soltec Growth
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Soltec Health

Wellbeing is defined as a state in which the physical and mental conditions give individuals a sense of satisfaction and peace of mind. Thus, we are committed to fostering our own healthcare, as well as that of our coworkers.


Soltec Social

We are aware that having a great work environment is paramount to do the best job, which is why Soltec Power Holdings strives to optimize collaboration and support, both inside and outside work. Furthermore, we have a volunteer service.

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