The personal and professional development of all our collaborators is one of our main pillars. Therefore, Soltec Power Holdings commits to embracing talent, recruiting the best professionals and ensuring our team is properly trained and qualified.

Solteach Program

In 2017, Soltec Power Holdings launched its first Solteach scholarship, a program allowing talented professionals to train in a leading renewable energy company worldwide.


“The Solteach scholarship gave me the opportunity to get my first experience in the renewable energy industry, providing me with tools to do a great job and the possibility to learn from the experienced professionals at Soltec. But, most of all, it allowed me to grow within Soltec, a company of remarkable expansion and performance that recognizes your efforts and value. I doubt other companies in the same situation as Soltec have been able to manage their growth so well based on their in-house talent. This is proven by the fact that all Solteach interns were eventually promoted within the organization”.

Mireia Jiménez

Product Manager. I Solteach 2017


"Being part of the 2nd Edition of Solteach was both an absolute privilege and challenge for me, as I was previously working in a different sector. Since few companies in Spain offer this type of training, which is motivating, personalized and offers options to enter the company, I could not miss my best chance to access this industry. After my training period and subsequent evaluation, I joined Soltec and in only 6 months I was presented new challenges, accessed new training, met many coworkers and learned about their experiences, carried out many activities and charity initiatives with them and, most of all, felt really valued. This is just the beginning and I feel very grateful for having this opportunity."

Bartolomé Collado

Project Engineer in Construction Services. II Solteach 2019




Hours of traning



The evolution and growth of our people allow us to keep evolving as a company. As a result, Soltec Power Holdings continuously looks for new opportunities for our team through ongoing training and qualification alternatives. We know the interest of both our workers and our clients, creating career paths within the company that benefit everyone.