Privacy Policy

Any time a user (hereafter the “User”) makes use of this website (the “Site”) or any of its services and forms, SOLTEC POWER HOLDINGS S.A. (“Soltec”) collects their personal data in conformity with the Legal Notice.  The treatment of their personal data will be governed by this privacy policy (“Privacy Policy”) or any other that may replace it in the future. Any User that shall not agree with the Privacy Policy or the Legal Notice should refrain from visiting, completing any form or making whatever use of the Site.

1. Responsible for data processing

SOLTEC POWER HOLDINGS, S.A. (“Soltec”), with tax identification number A-05556733, address C/Gabriel Campillo Contreras (Pol. Ind. La Serreta), 30500 Molina de Segura, Murcia, tel. no. +34968603153 and email is the party responsible for collecting and processing your personal data from the Site.

2. Information collected from the Website

Soltec Power Holdings collects different information from Users which is not always directly provided by the User who visits, registers or interacts with the Site and which varies according to the form used (“Personal Data”):

  • “Opportunities” form link: By means of this form, Soltec collects the name and surname, telephone number, email address, country of residence, profession, level of experience, languages, cover letter and CV, from every User who wants to join the Soltec team or any other company of the group.
  • “Contact” form link: By means of this form, Soltec collects the name, surname, email address, mobile telephone number, company and country of residence from every User who wish to obtain more information about Soltec products and services or make a general inquiry.
  • “Lab” form: through this form, Soltec collects the e-mail address to allow access to the indicated corporate information.

Likewise, Soltec Power Holdings can register the visits to the Site by Users, the use that Users make of the Site and its links, or every time Users click on some content, interact with the Site or make any other use of it.

Similarly, Soltec collects information through three kinds of cookies and similar technologies. For more information on this please visit our Cookies Policy.

3. Use of Personal Data and Legal Basis for Processing

Soltec Power Holdings makes use of the Users’ Personal Data whether they are directly provided or otherwise collected in accordance with the present Privacy Policy, in order to provide, customize, develop and ultimately improve the services offered on the Site.

The precise way in which Soltec makes use of the Users’ Personal Data will depend ultimately on the use that Users make of the Site.

Soltec will use the Personal Data with the purpose of providing services through the Site and particularly with the following aims:

Opportunities (personnel selection): Based on the consent given by Users who tick the corresponding box, as well as the execution of the pre-contractual relations between Soltec and the job applicant, once the selection process has progressed, Soltec will be allowed to process Personal Data in the frame of a Soltec selection process, with the purpose of analysing competences and capabilities of the candidate, of creating a user’s profile, and assessing the candidacy of applicants for the jobs that may be available at Soltec at the time of the application or while the said data are kept by the said company for the same purposes.

The processing of their data with this purpose includes the processing of data concerning their health and their degree of disability, insofar as they may be needed for the selection process. Thus, the User explicitly agrees to the processing of their Personal Data, in understanding that this is needed in order to deal with their application and that otherwise we will not be able to include them in Soltec selection processes.

If the User agrees, Soltec could consider the application for jobs in other companies of the group.

Contact (Contact Form). Based on your express consent, we can reply to your inquiry and follow up commercially on your inquiry. In this way we can make sure that your inquiry has been fully satisfied according to your demands.

Lab (Access to corporate information). Based on your express consent, we will store your e-mail address in order to follow up your interest in our corporate information and to be able to send you further information of interest. At any time you can object to this processing by contacting us.

Other: Based on the legitimate interest of Soltec, the Users Personal Data could also be used with the purpose of researching and analysing their use of the Site, in order to improve the services provided to Users and offer them a greater protection with regards to their Personal Data and their use of the Site. To this end, Soltec alone or through third parties will carry out research, studies, statistics, use metrics, policy improvements, market studies, data processing for fraud prevention, etc. whenever necessary. The information used with this purpose will be statistical information with no identification of the User, to the extent that this may be possible.

The Personal Data provided will not be shared or used for purposes other than the ones included in the present Privacy Policy.

4. Who accesses the users’ data? Who will be final recipients?

The Users personal data will only be accessible in accordance to the present Privacy Policy

  • Work centres. The Personal Data collected for the purpose of personnel selection may be sent to different work centres that manage recruiting processes suitable to the User’s profile.
  • Companies of the Group. Soltec may also transfer the Personal Data of Users who have sent their CV for the purpose of a personnel selection process to other companies of the group, in order to evaluate the User’s application for the various job positions in the different companies of the group.  Likewise, if the request of information or contact is related to any of the companies of the group, Soltec may also transfer the request in order to provide them with the information requested.
  • Service providers. Soltec may make use of other companies for the provision of certain services under Soltec’s guidelines.  For the provision of such services (i.e. Consultancy, auditing, IT support, server hosting, web platform or social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube or Twitter) these third party companies may need some of the User’s information and data. Soltec guarantees that in such cases, the access to the User’s information that the said third party companies will have, will be limited to the extent necessary to complete the tasks assigned, they will sign a processing assignment agreement and will be bound to preserving the confidentiality of the information and not using it for aims other than the provision of the corresponding service.
  • Disclosures required by law. Soltec may transfer the Personal Data and information provided by Users whenever required by law, whether in a court procedure, for the investigation of suspicious activity, or in order to otherwise protect its own rights or those of the Users. In such cases, Soltec agrees to notify the Users that their data have been legally requested, to the extent possible and in cases where the said notification may not be incompatible with the aim for which the data have been disclosed in the first place.

5. Personal Data Retention

Soltec will retain most of the Personal Data for as long as needed for the purposes described above. Once these purposes have been accomplished, Soltec will retain the Personal Data blocked to the extent that Soltec may be liable or may otherwise be legally required. To the extent possible, the information will be made anonymous once the User closes the account. In particular:

Personnel selection: during the selection process and, once it has finished, for one year following the date on which the job application was received or following their last sign of interest on a job position in Soltec or following their last communication. Once the said period of time has passed their data will be cancelled.

6. Where will the Personal Data be stored?

Soltec collects, stores and processes the Users’ Personal Data in different servers within the European Economic Space, and likewise carries out international transfers of Personal Data to countries that cannot guarantee the same level of data protection.

In such cases, Soltec will proceed with international transfers of data only to those third countries for which the European Commission may have issued an adequacy finding or, in lack thereof, when adequate guarantees may be provided by the signing of standard clauses or an intra-group agreement. Users may request a copy of these guarantees at the address specified in the present Privacy Policy. Specifically, Soltec will carry out transfers of data to the following countries outside of the European Economic Space:

  • Declared as adequate by the European Commission: Argentine and the United States.
  • Not declared as adequate by the European Commission: Australia, Peru, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, India and Mexico.

7. Representation and guarantees

The User guarantees that the Personal Data provided are true and exact and agrees to notify of any change or modification thereof. In case Personal Data from third parties are provided, the User will be responsible for having informed them and having obtained their consent to provide the data with the purpose established in the corresponding paragraphs of the present Cookies and Privacy Policy.

Any damage or harm caused to the Site, to the person responsible of the Site or to any third party due to the communication of erroneous, inexact or incomplete information in the registry form will be the exclusive responsibility of the User.

8. Safety of Users’ Personal Data

Soltec cares about the safety and protection of its Users’ Personal Data and tries to prevent the mistakes that could occur in this regard.

With this in mind, Soltec adopts and applies the technical and organisational measures needed to guarantee the confidentiality, integrity and security of the Users’ Personal Data and avoid their loss, alteration, and non-authorized access or processing, bearing in mind the current state of technology and the nature of the data stored. Likewise, Soltec carries out periodical controls of its systems to detect possible weak points and attacks suffered.

Nevertheless, Users are aware that security on the Internet is not impenetrable and there is no guarantee that the data will not be disclosed, altered or destroyed if one of the security measures installed is breached.

9. Users’ exercise of their rights

In conformity with the applicable legislation, Users who have provided their Personal Data can request exercising their rights to access, to correct or suppress their Personal Data, to limit or oppose to their processing as well as their right to data portability and withdrawing their consent by means of a written notification sent to

  • Access to data. Users will be able to access their Personal Data at any given time and request information related to the processing of their data.
  • Rectification of data. Users will have the right to request the rectification of the Personal Data that may be inexact or inaccurate.
  • Limiting the processing of data. Users will have the right to request limiting the processing of their Personal Data when this may be legally established.
  • Opposing to their processing. Users may oppose to the processing of their Personal Data when this may be legally established.
  • Data portability. Users will have the right to receive their Personal Data in a structured machine readable format of common use and to transfer them to another party responsible for processing.
  • Withdrawing consent. Users may withdraw their consent at any given time. The withdrawal of their consent will not affect the legality of the processing which was based on their consent given prior to their withdrawal.

In those legally established cases, Soltec may request a copy of the User’s ID, passport or any other valid identification document, if these are needed for the purpose of unequivocally identifying the User.

In any case, the Users may also submit a claim to the competent control authority.

10. Minors

Generally speaking, and to the best of Soltec’s knowledge and understanding, Soltec will not process Personal Data from children under the age of 14.

If Soltec discovers the involuntary collection of Personal Data from children under 14, during one of their control actions on Soltec’s Site, it will adopt all the necessary measures to which it is obliged, as a service provider and data controller, in order to delete such Personal Data as soon as possible. Those cases, where by virtue of the applicable law, it may be necessary to retain the Personal Data of children under the age of 14, will constitute an exception to the aforesaid.

In conformity with the current data protection legislation, children under the age of 14 are entitled to give their consent, except in those cases where the legislation may require the assistance of the parents or guardians in the provision of such consent.

11. Changes in the Privacy Policy

Soltec reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy based on new legal or regulatory demands, due to security reasons or with the aim of adapting the said policy to the instructions of the control authorities with regards to data protection, or to new processes.

If significant changes shall occur to this Privacy Policy, all Users will be informed through the Site in order to offer to all Users the possibility to read through the changes and, if necessary, accept them before they take effect.

12. Contact

For any questions or doubts regarding this Privacy Policy, the Users will be able to contact Soltec by sending an email to the following address:

13. Briefly, how are Personal Data processed?

AimsData categoryLegal baseStorage periods
Opportunities (Personnel selection)
In the context of a selection process, with the purpose of analysing competences and capabilities of a candidate, of generating a profile and evaluating their candidacy for the job positions at Soltec or other companies of the group, as the case may be.
Name and surname, telephone number, email address, country of residence, level of experience, languages, cover letter and CVConsent and, once the selection process progresses, execution of pre-contractual measuresOne year
Agreement (Request of information)
Take care of the Users inquiries when they contact Soltec.
Name, last name, e-mail, mobile phone, company and countryConsent and legitimate interestPeriod of time needed to take care of the inquiry