Asset management

We increase efficiency and obtain the best performance from each project through effective asset management.

Proyecto fotovoltaico a gran escala

Highly efficient asset management

Through this new division dedicated to the investment, management and operation of assets, Soltec aims to obtain an additional revenue stream from the sale of energy.

This provides us with recurrence, strength and stability, as well as helping us to mitigate existing risks in the value chain through geographic and business diversification.

Financing closing

We develop the financing search process through a rigorous selection of banks and investors based on a clearly defined financial model.

Our goal is to reduce the price of electricity and maximize value creation for all parties involved.

Plant monitoring

Continuous monitoring of photovoltaic plants allows us to optimize the performance of each plant and manage potential risks to ensure its best operation.

We maintain constant supervision of the necessary upgrades to maintain safety and efficiency, reduce downtime and minimize operating costs. In addition, we focus on seeking new opportunities to maximize the efficiency and profitability of each plant.

Monitorización de la planta a través de Solmate

Sale of energy

Becoming an IPP (Independent Power Producer) represents a significant financial leverage opportunity to leverage the development of our PV assets, achieve long-term financing and increase our returns on capital.

This allows us to differentiate ourselves from competitors and maximize the value of our projects.