Environmental Management Framework

  • Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Policy establishing the need for Soltec services to comply with applicable regulations and standards.
  • Certified Environmental Management System, in accordance with ISO 14001.
  • Team dedicated solely to managing the environmental impact of company operations.
  • Environmental Management Plan for implementation at project sites, ensuring correct development of operations.
  • Analyses to identify and manage environmental risks resulting from our operations.
  • Environmental Monitoring Plans to ensure compliance with legal requirements and existing regulations.
  • Completion of in-house audits at the offices and project sites to ensure correct environmental management system performance.
  • Raising awareness on environmental aspects through ongoing training of employees.ioambiental a través de formaciones constantes a sus empleados.

Efficient use of materials and promotion of the circular economy

In line with the circular economy’s principles, Soltec designs its activity and processes to promote the efficient resource management. To do that, in addition to minimizing the use of primary materials, the company promotes the recycling of some materials that would otherwise become waste. This line is particularly promising, as a high percentage of the materials used in Soltec’s products can be reused, extending their useful life.

Incorporating the circular economy’s principles into the company’s activities begins in the design phase of our products, optimizing their performance and the volume of material used as basic criteria. Subsequently, during project implementation, our engineers have the necessary know-how to define the most cost-effective and efficient solution in each case.

The correct management of the waste generated is another fundamental action to make this circular economy approach a reality. Soltec ensures compliance with current legislation in the different countries it operates in, collaborating with external companies contracted as authorized managers to collect and manage the waste produced. Each project and facility has the containers and installations needed to guarantee correct segregation of waste and enable waste analyses which identify recycling and reuse opportunities.


Management model

Soltec has a supply chain management model that aims to develop more efficient purchasing processes that result in improvements, both internally and externally, with its customers and suppliers.

Purchising policy

This model is based on a Purchasing Policy, approved in 2020, to establish a guide for action in the procurement process carried out by the Purchasing Department globally. This policy is applied from the sourcing phase, in the supplier’s approval and selection phases, and in its continuous evaluation.

New technologies

Likewise, to improve efficiency in managing its supply chain, the company is committed to incorporating new technologies in the development of its activities. To this end, Soltec has undertaken various digitization projects throughout 2020.

Protection of Biodiversity

When carrying out our operations, we ensure that we minimize the impact our activity may have on the fauna and flora around us.

To correctly manage these aspects, Soltec has a specific team. Their role is to spot animal and plant specimens within our projects’ boundaries and relocate them to adjacent areas where they will not be negatively impacted. Likewise, environmental management plans are developed before the projects’ execution, where the control of these possible affectations is foreseen.

The main measures developed by the company to minimize this type of impact include the following:

  • Installation of hunting fences to avoid bird strikes.
  • Prospecting for the identification of nests or refuges of species.
  • Clean-up to prevent littering.
  • Limitation of noise levels, vibrations and dust generation.
  • Limitation of speed within projects to 20 km/h.
  • Prohibition of the use of pesticides or herbicides in the environment.
  • Prohibition of vegetation clearing in areas outside the project.

Soltec also promotes the restoration of areas that serve as ecological corridors in its projects. These spaces with approximately 8 hectares create an ecotone for the birdlife present in the vicinity.

In 2020, none of Soltec’s projects had been delayed due to ecological impacts.

Biodiversity report example