We contribute to a green future for the next generations. An emission-free future in which energy comes from renewable sources, mainly photovoltaic power.

Along these lines, the projects undertaken by Soltec induce a significant reduction in the emissions responsible for this problem, a reduction that, in 2020, reached more than 2,128,464 tCO2.

In addition, Soltec implements measures aimed at reducing energy consumption and direct emissions from its operations.

Electricity consumtion (kWh)

398.972 2020
526.125 2021

Diesel consumption (kWh)

569.117 2020
1.010.968 2021
Soltec has reduced greenhouse gas emissions in its operations. While it took 8,010 working hours to emit 1 tCO2eq in 2019, in 2020, this amount rose to 14,700, which indicates the efficiency improvement achieved by the company

In 2020, Soltec’s activities were responsible, directly and indirectly, for scope 1 and 2, for the emission of 1,439 tCO2eq. This amount represents a reduction of 33% compared to the previous year18.

Soltec Group is currently identifying relevant activities and metrics linked to scope-3 emissions corresponding to indirect emissions, including aspects such as work trips using external means, as well as transportation of primary materials and products by third-parties.

Greenhouse gas emissions Scope 1 and Scope 2 (t CO2)

Alcance 1
Alcance 2

The company’s efforts to reduce its emissions are part of its corporate commitment to become an emission-neutral company in the future.

Along these lines and adopting annual reduction targets, Soltec will promote various projects related to the absorption and compensation of its CO2 emissions. The company is currently analyzing the best projects in which to participate.