What is the visibility of the company for FY 2021?

Both Soltec Industrial and Powertis have closed Q1 2021 with an unprecedented operating capacity.

In the first quarter of 2021, Soltec Industrial reached record figures for Backlog (signed contracts pending execution) (€306 Mn and 3.2 GW) and Pipeline (contracts with a certain probability of execution) (€2,667 Mn and € 25, 3 GW) for Soltec Industrial. Therefore, Soltec Industrial’s operational capacity offers good visibility for the whole of fiscal year 2021.

Powertis closed the quarter with a total pipeline of 6.0 GW.

What contracts has Soltec Industrial signed in the first quarter?

In the first quarter, it should be highlighted the signing of two significant contracts: The 852 MW contract with Forus Energia in Brazil for the largest bifacial trackers project in Latin America and the signing of a 359 MW supply contract with Elecnor in Brazil.

Why have the financial results in 1Q 2021 been affected compared to 1Q 2020?

The increase in cost of raw materials, which has caused an increase in the price of solar panels and has delayed the start of some projects.

What is Powertis’ expected pipeline in 2021?

Powertis’ total Pipeline exceeds 6 GW in 1Q 2021 and expects 10 GW in 2021.

How many projects does Powertis expect to rotate in 2021?

It is expected an asset rotation (total or partial) of 1.0 GW in 2021.

What is the Solarfighter?

As a result of Soltec’s vocation for innovation, the company launched Solarfighter last March, a product to enter the distributed generation segment. It is the first complete kit for solar generation projects of up to 12MW, which offers smaller plants the possibility of accessing the same technology as large developers.

What is the guidance for FY 2021?

The company maintains the guidance provided to the Market for the year 2021, within the framework of the IPO.