Fully Committed with the SDTs

We want to further develop our commitment to Society and our influence in world regions where we are present, creating value for all stakeholders. The products we develop provide our clients and users with sustainable, efficient and innovative solutions. For all of us at Soltec, costumer focus, innovation, equality, solvency and transparency are priority and a key elemnt of our project.

We plan on launching a clear sustainability strategy (ESG) which will be monitored by an in-house sustainability committee, all with the aim to ensure Soltec’s active involvement in the main sustainability initiatives worldwide. At Soltec we are deeply committed to the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact and comply with the 17 SDTs.

The entire team comprising Soltec is fully engaged and involved in this cause.


Responsible business

Soltec Power Holdings is based on the values of sustainability and respect for the environment as well as a commitment to the most vulnerable groups and non-profit organizations related to the environment. In its commitment with sustainability, Soltec Power Holdings avoided with its activity 2.1 million of tons of CO2 during 2020. 

The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to take measures to end poverty, protect the planet, and guarantee that everybody can live in peace and prosperity. In 2015, the UN approved a new agenda for sustainable development with 17 goals for 2030.

Soltec Power Holdings integrates its CSR Policy into all its subsidiaries and projects around the world.

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Our certifications


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Our sustainability indexes

Soltec is present in the following indexes:

MAC Global Solar Energy Stock Index

The “MAC Global Solar Energy Stock Index” (ticker symbol: SUNIDX) is the tracking Index for the “Invesco Solar ETF,” which is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange ARCA with the ticker symbol of TAN (NYSE ARCA: TAN).

The MAC Global Solar Energy Index (“Index”) is designed to track the global solar energy equity sector (Europe: 29%, North America: 25%, Asia: 46%). The Index includes 48 companies listed on exchanges in specified countries that derive a significant amount of their revenues from solar business activities.

For further information: https://macsolarindex.com/


Check out our last actions

Our Global Team of Volunteers is located all around the world carrying out actions to collaborate to make a more sustainable world. Together with its force, Soltec Power Holdings is committed to the Sustainable Development Goals compliance. At Soltec Power Holdings we firmly believe that the world can change, but it need our effort to change. If  you want to know more about some of the solidary initiatives that we have carried out, check our actions below.

Sustainability and environment

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers continued taking care of the Segura river banks (Murcia, Spain). This is a natural space protected by the Hidrograpich Confederation of the Segura (CHS), reforested by Soltec’s volunteers and called ‘Ribera Soltec’. This area counts on more than 230 trees: 79 olmos, 60 alamos, 45 elders, 30 baladres and 20 tarajes.

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers carried out a reforestation of local trees close to the Segura river in the city of Molina de Segura (Spain). This are was devastated some months before by great floods. With this action, organized together with the environmental NGO ANSE, Soltec Power Holdings contributes to avoid the devastating effects of the heavy rains that periodically happen in the region.

Soltec Power Holdings celebrates the Day Of The Sun, The 21st of June, and the arrival of summer with a donation to Greenpeace on behalf of all employees of the company. We join the fight against the Climate Change and, with our commitment to renewable energies, we contribute to the conservation of the Artic ecosystem.

Soltec Power Holdings organizes within La Mar de Músicas fest (Cartagena, Spain) several actions of waste collection on the coasts of the Region of Murcia. Together with the NGOs Mi Costa Sin Plásticos and Región de Murcia Limpia collecting plastics in Cabo de Palos beaches. All these wastes were deposited in a container fish by the sculptor Fernando Sáenz de Elorrieta located on the esplanade of the lighthouse of Cabo de Palos to raise awareness about the importance of keeping our coasts clean.

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers have carried out a reforestation of cypresses on Roldán Forest and the recovery of the regional ecosystem by reforesting a riverbank on the Segura River.

These actions are part of the LIFE-Tetraclinis-EUROPA project, whose purpose is to contribute to conservation and sustainability of the habitats at a long-term increasing the area of this kind of forest in order to reduce the impact of tree trekking. In this way, Soltec Power Holdings contributes to remove a large amount of greenhouse gases effect the Atmosphere and that values ecosystem derived values to society acting as a reservoir of biodiversity, with which the decontamination of water and controlling erosion, among others.

Soltec Power Holdings celebrates de World Energy Day carrying out a solidary action with Unicef. We collaborated with the supply of 135.000 water purification pills in order to turn drinking water into drinkable for those who may need it.

Integration and education

Soltec Power Holdings collaborates with MEMPLEO, an association that works for the employability of people with mental illnesses, to celebrate the Worker’s Week in its headquarters in Murcia (Spain). In this way, Soltec continues working for the real integration in the labor market and complies with SDG 8, 10, 12 and 16.

Soltec Power Holdings receives the Golden Start from Banco de Alimentos del Segura (Food Bank). Soltec Power Holdings, accomplishing with the SDGs 1, 2, 3, 10 and 17, makes foos donations regularly to collaborate with this NGO in order to help those in need in the Region of Murcia (Spain).

Soltec collaborates with Cruz Roja de la Región de Murcia to create the campaing “Meriendas Energéticas”. Thanks to this initiative 75 children at risk of social exclusion will receive an afternoon nutritius snack. In this way we contribute to the correct diet of children.

Soltec Power Holdings, together with its employees, made a great donation of toys and educative games to Cruz Roja Región de Murcia. These toys will be distributed by the NGO to children who live in extreme situations (abuse, mistreatment or abandonment) or at risk of social inclusion.

Soltec Power Holdings made a donation on behalf of its employees to the Spanish NGO Jesús Abandonado. This organization works to help people at risk of social exclusion. Besides, the management collaborated working as volunteers at the NGO.

Soltec Power Holdings donates electrical batteries to the ‘Vida con Perros’ association, a dog shelter, based in Madrid, with over 70 rescued animals. Thanks to this donation, they will be able to provide the necessary energy for maintain the shelter.

Soltec Power Holdings made a donation of school material to the Liceo Maria Luisa Bombal school, located in the Vitacura Municipality of Santiago de Chile (Chile). Besides, Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers of Chile spent the day with the children dancing and playing with them.

Soltec Power Holdings and its team have collaborated with Cruz Roja Spain- Region of Murcia donating toys and games for children in situation of abandonment, abuse and poverty. With this campaign, Sus Derechos en Juego, Soltec Power Holdings contributes to the defense of the values of childhood.

Cruz Roja

Soltec Power Holdings have collaborated in some of their solar plants with the help of people with disabilities. In the Region of Murcia (Spain), we collaborated with the Day Center for People with Disabilities of the City Council of Totana (Murcia, Spain). They contributed with the installation of the plant. Thanks to this and other initiatives with the association, the Spanish Red Cross has awarded Soltec with a distinction for its labor integration plans.

Soltec Power Holdings, together with the company Viesgo and the NGO Energía Sin Fronteras have installed PV panels in the Eco-Village of Women United Against Maltreatment (MUM) to supply electricity to the eight single-parent families who have their home there.

The hostel, built in 2010 by the Association of Women United Against Maltreatment, which manages it, is located in a town in the Community of Madrid and it was conceived as a self-sufficient eco-village.


Soltec Power Holdings made a wood donation for the nearby communities of their PV projects in Tlaxcala and Guanajuato states (Mexico). 16,801 pallets were donated: 470.3 tons to 310 families from 43 communities. This wood was used to create mobiliary. It was forbidden to sell it or burn it.

Soltec Power Holdings organized a charity dinner in Chile for the rebuilding and maintenance of the Hogar de las Niñas ‘Las Creches’. This center is created for girls and teenagers at risk of social exclusion.

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers contributed to paint and repair the local school of Estreito (São João Piauí, Brasil), next to one of the PV plants of the company. Besides, the volunteers carried out an action to build a square and install benches in the field as well as building a park for local children.

Soltec Power Holdings organized a training course for local people in order to fight against unemployment in the neighboring towns. For that aim, several agreements with the local administration were signed.

Healthy habits

The Soltec Power Holdings Mexico delegation supported the Day against Breast Cancer with a symbolic and pink action to remind every woman about the need to take regular medical breast exams and self-examinations to detect this disease in time

Soltec Power Holdings made a donation to the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC) in order to make a course for the interested workers about smoking cessation. The course was distributed in several sessions. In this way, the company promotes the healthy habits between its team members.

Special campaigns

Soltec commemorates the International Women’s Day with the distribution of FFP2 masks to its employees. These masks are manufactured locally, thus contributing to local commerce and reducing the carbon footprint.

Besides, Soltec made a donation to UN Women, the United Nations program, to facilitate the access of more than 2,500 reusable masks to women in need.

Soltec Power Holdings collaborated as sponsor of the project “Ready for Africa” taking place in Benga (Malawi), where several companies participated in the creation of a laboratory to manufacture disinfecting alcohol for the local communities. More than 2,500 bottles of hydroalcoholic gel have been manufactured. This production plant has been created for women with children in extreme poverty situations to work there and supply the local population at the same time that they earn some money in order to cover basic needs and for their children to go to school.

Soltec Power Holdings has donated more than 22,000 surgical masks, 4,000 protection masks, 1,000 complete protection equipment for medical staff and 1,500 bottles of sanitizing disinfecting alcohol to the Murcia Health Service (Spain), as well as more than 1,000 kilos of food and hygiene products  to local Murcia NGOs. Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers from Brazil subsidiary collaborated with the NGO Aldeias Infantis SOS giving the food donation done by the company and weekly collecting food and hygiene products to disadvantaged families. Soltec Power Holdings has also made donations to fight against COVID-19 consequences in Mexico and Chile.

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers collaborated with the affected ones by the floods happened in Molina de Segura (Murcia, Spain) during September 2019. The volunteers helped several neighbors of the most affected areas with the cleaning of their houses after the extreme rains.

The company, together with their employees, made a great donation of school material for the schools of the region affected by the floods. Besides, the company collected several batches of hygiene products to be donated to the City Hall of Molina de Segura, that distributed them between those families in need.

Soltec Power Holdings’ volunteers worked together with the Mexican authorities helping after the big earthquake suffered in Mexico City in September 2017. Besides, the company contributed with an economic help and donation of food and material to help to those families affected by the earthquake.