Factsheet – December 2022

Soltec Power Holdings is the leading global solar tracker manufacturer, photovoltaic services provider and project developer. It configures a consolidated group of companies that are developing their operations within the renewable energy sector, specially within the photovoltaic.

Soltec Industrial is responsible for the design, manufacturing and supplying of single-axis solar trackers, offering the installation and construction services, an activity that corresponds to the core business of Soltec Power Holdings. Soltec is the third company worldwide specialized in the development and supply of solar tracking systems.

Soltec developement's activity is based on a great experience that covers the entire life cycle of each project: from the acquisition of land, to the integration of transmission, financing, and operations of the project. It has also established a fully integrated solar PV platform that develops in Europe and LATAM.


largest tracker manufacturer in Europe and Latam

15.6 GW

Track record

Founded in 2004, Soltec counts with 15.6 GW supplied around the world, and ranks #3rd largest solar tracker manufacturer in total number of shipments in Europe and Latin America.

Evolution of Soltec Power Holdings delivered

+0,07 GW 0,1 GW 2014
+0,26 GW 0,4 GW 2015
+0,32 GW 0,7 GW 2016
+1,03 GW 1,7 GW 2017
+1,51 GW 3,2 GW 2018
+2,91 GW 6,1 GW 2019
+2,23 GW 8,4 GW 2020
+3,4 GW 11,8 GW 2021
+3,8 GW 15,6 GW 2022

3,030,680 tons

of CO2 emissions saved in 2022.

Soltec Power Holdings has a strong commitment with sustainability and complies with the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. In 2022 we have avoided 3,030,680 tons of CO2 emissions.

Responsible business


employees worldwide

At Soltec Power Holdings, we consider our energy is the people. For this reason, we dedicate all our efforts to creating a culture and work environment without equal.


Top tier costumers

Customers choose Soltec for the combined cost-effectiveness of high-yield equipment with high-tolerance installation features, and the proven reliability of Soltec to meet project criteria of schedule, cost and quality.

Soltec Industrial

As of December 31st 2022

€252 Mn 1,231 MW Backlog
€3,637 Mn 24,037 MW Pipeline

Soltec Development

As of December 31st 2022

  743 MW Backlog
  3,415 MW Advance stage
  2,516 MW Early stage
  7,721 MW Identified Opportunities