Organizational excellence

At Soltec we join forces to lead the solar energy revolution through organizational commitment and human talent.

Colaboradores de Soltec trabajando en las oficinas de la compañía

The importance of a high performance team

Our success relies on our team of more than 1,300 highly qualified professionals distributed in our offices around the world.

All our employees have vast experience in their specific business area in particular and in the photovoltaic energy industry in general, working together to overcome challenges and to offer innovative and sustainable solutions for each project.

Our global presence allows us to provide exceptional service anywhere in the world.

Our Team

Our team is composed of highly experienced experts in the energy industry. Their commitment and passion for innovation and sustainable development allow us to offer cutting-edge solutions in photovoltaic energy.

Our energy, the people

At Soltec, we believe that our employees are the energy of our company. We rely on their talent and diversity to drive growth and achieve the goals we set for ourselves as a group.

We have a team of highly qualified and committed professionals who are fully integrated in a long-term partnership to achieve the company’s success.

In this way, we foster an inclusive, dynamic and motivating work environment, where our employees can develop their full potential and achieve their goals.

Furthermore, at Soltec we are committed to the well-being of the societies in which we operate. We seek to maximize the wealth and well-being of the local communities in which we operate by creating jobs and supporting social and environmental causes.

Empleados de Soltec durante un evento corporativo de networking

Soltec around the world

With presence in more than 20 countries on five continents, we have become a global leader in photovoltaic solutions driven by our ability to offer innovative and customized solutions to customers around the world.

Our purpose

Soltec was born with the purpose of creating a clean, sustainable and fair world based on efficient photovoltaic energy production. To achieve this, since its inception Soltec has been committed to leading the global photovoltaic energy market, offering reliable solutions through the most advanced technology.

Soltec encourages its suppliers, customers and employees to share this vision and is committed to developing environmental and sustainability actions that disseminate these values.


Soltec’s activity, sustainable since its conception in 2004, has a firm purpose: to create a clean, sustainable and fair world through energy.

Proyecto fotovoltaico

Shareholders and investors

In Soltec we have almost 20 years of history becoming an integrated leader in the solar photovoltaic industry, adapting our business model to a changing environment to maximize value creation.

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