Photovoltaic plants now and tomorrow. Ecovoltaics, minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing social benefits.

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Sustainable development of photovoltaic plants

The integration of ecovoltaic principles in our photovoltaic projects is now an essential, unique element of our strategy.

Photovoltaic plants developed under the ecovoltaic concept are characterized by their potential to boost the economy and protect the environment in the areas where they are located.

To this end, ecovoltaics is based on 4 action principles: socioeconomic excellence, circular economy, biodiversity protection and carbon footprint offsetting. Within each of these 4 principles, many actions can be developed and measured to ensure adaption to specific project characteristics.

Sustainable development of photovoltaic plants

With a presence in more than 20 countries on five continents, we have become a world leader in photovoltaic solutions driven by our ability to offer innovative and personalized solutions to customers all over the world.

Case studies

The application of each one of the ecovoltaic measures varies according to the characteristics and needs of each plant and its surroundings, as well as the country and the market. Discover some cases of Ecovoltaic application around the world.

Development of projects on a global scale

We combine experience and innovation to boost the development of sustainable photovoltaic projects that are integrated with the environment, maximizing the social and economic benefit in the locations where we operate.

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