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Shareholders and investors

Soltec has nearly 20 years of experience leading the photovoltaic solar industry and adapting our business model to an ever-changing environment with the aim to maximize value creation.

Momento de salida a bolsa de Soltec

Integrated, sustainable business model

Within the photovoltaic industry, we are sectoral leaders known for our vertically integrated business model. Our three business divisions, namely Industrial, Development and Asset Management, allow us to provide unique, differentiated solutions to the global solar power market.

Solar energy is currently an essential power source to achieve energy self-sufficiency. In that sense, the integrated capabilities of Soltec put the company in a privileged position to capitalize on the ongoing growth of this industry.



Soltec’s activity, sustainable since its conception in 2004, has a firm purpose: to create a clean, sustainable and fair world through energy.

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