SFOneX, the solar tracker that is flexible by design

This dual-row horizontal single-axis tracker is the latest Soltec innovation in solar tracking solutions. With an impressive span of 410 feet, it is the largest double-row system in our portfolio.

Soltec SFOneX solar tracker product rendering
SFOneX, the ultimate slope-adaptive solar tracker solution

Manufactured with precision engineering and featuring a single-axis horizontal dual-row design, SFOneX is poised to be an industry benchmark.

With a remarkable span of up to 410 feet, SFOneX stands as the largest dual-row system in our portfolio, offering unprecedented flexibility and scalability for solar projects of any scale.

Equipped with cutting-edge Smart Power algorithms, SFOneX ensures optimal energy production throughout the day, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs for solar installations.

Tailor-made to conform to the natural contours of the terrain, our tracker seamlessly adapts to both 15% north-south and east-west slopes, ensuring maximum utilization of the terrain.

The optimized design further simplifies the installation process through direct piling, facilitating faster installation and reducing environmental impact. This strategic innovation not only expands the possible locations for installation, but also improves the overall efficiency and sustainability of solar energy projects.

Powerful innovation,
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