Soltec Innovations

A specialized team with the sole purpose of innovating against climate change.

Adjacent research and development

We focus all our innovation and development efforts in Soltec Innovations, a subsidiary created in 2019.

We have dedicated facilities, including a mechanical testing lab, an electronics lab, as well as a lab for electrochemical green hydrogen testing built in 2022.

Soltec Innovations, which is comprised of specialized teams of engineers and scientists from different areas, uses dynamic work methods to maximize in-house management efficiency and focus on technical research and validation activities.

Our figures speak volumes

R&D at Soltec

We believe innovation and development are paramount to our business model. Constant research with the aim to improve continuously and develop new products, is one of our key principles and differentiating elements.

At Soltec Innovations we apply dynamic methods to launch new projects, employing specialized, multidisciplinary teams capable of turning initial ideas into mature technologies, including prototyping and validation.

Our line of action ranges from ongoing analyses of the state of the art, to the proposal, study and assessment of possible research and innovation actions, formulating new products aligned to the company’s strategy and developing feasibility studies.

We also protect Soltec’s innovation through patent surveillance and monitoring, as well as through the protection of our intellectual property. We currently have 49 patents and 290 intellectual property registries.

Trabajador de Soltec manipulando la parte electrónica de uno de los productos

Projects launched by Soltec Innovations

In 2022, Soltec Innovations focused on three main lines of action which are key in the fight against climate change and we believe will mark the future of renewable energies.

IDEA program

The entrepreneurship program IDEA aims to encourage, support and foster business initiatives amongst employees with the goal of turning their ideas or proposals into feasible, sustainable and scalable companies.

In doing this, we intend to develop innovative products, services and business models which have synergies with our business activities.

Empelados de Soltec durante el programa de intraemprendimiento IDEA

Aurora, the dawn of a sustainable world

In Aurora we support start-up companies with technological solutions which can help us to boost renewable energies, especially solar.

Partnerships with innovation ecosystem players

We understand external collaboration as a tool to increase our development capabilities, which is why we have signed several collaboration agreements on innovation at a national and international level.