Solmate, beyond execution

We want to accompany you throughout the useful life of your solar plant. Solmate complies with it.

Monitorización de la planta a través de Solmate

Commitment to service quality

Our main aim is to have the trust of our clientele. To do that, we created Solmate as a department exclusively dedicated to operational projects equipped with our solar tracking systems.

Solmate has a large local structure in countries such as Mexico, United States, Spain, Chile, Brazil and Australia, as well as a network of owned Solhub warehouses in a number of countries. Our presence in local markets allows us to quickly manage and respond to any project need.

Soltec also has an online Solmate platform where clients can quickly and easily report issues 24/7, and also track the status of their inquiries.

The three branches of Solmate

We have everything under control and guarantee fast, accurate monitoring of all your plants.

Construction service

We have extensive experience in the construction of solar plants around the world. Our team has more than 1,000 people to guarantee the highest quality standards in the execution of projects.

Proceso de construcción de un proyecto fotovoltaico de Soltec