24 May 2024

Soltec proposes Mariano Berges as CEO to its Shareholders’ Meeting

Mariano Berges y Raúl Morales, directivos de Soltec
  • The company separates the roles of Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), in line with best practices in corporate governance
  • Raúl Morales will continue as Executive Chairman, while Berges will assume the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Soltec’s Board of Directors will propose to the General Shareholders’ Meeting, to be held on June 25, the appointment of Mariano Berges, current Chief Operating Officer (COO), as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Soltec.

Thus, once the General Shareholders’ Meeting approves Mariano Berges’ appointment as CEO, he will take over the management of the company’s operational divisions, both in the trackers division, primarily focused on the manufacture and supply of solar trackers, and in the energy division, which includes the development, construction, and operation of the company’s renewable assets.

“It will be an honor for me to assume the role of CEO of Soltec, and I thank the Board of Directors for their trust. As CEO, my commitment is to drive operational efficiency and sustainable growth, consolidating our leadership in the renewable energy sector,” said Mariano Berges.

On the other hand, Raúl Morales, co-founder of Soltec, will maintain his position as Executive Chairman, leading the supervision and monitoring of corporate strategy, institutional relations, and financial market engagement, in addition to the corresponding corporate governance and compliance functions.

“I am proud to have led this company as CEO and to have seen Soltec grow. From now on, as Executive Chairman, I will continue to oversee our corporate strategy, foster our institutional relations, and maintain close contact with the financial market. My commitment to the company remains paramount, and I want to thank the team and the Board for their continued support and collaboration on this exciting journey towards a more sustainable future,” stated Morales.

With this separation of roles, Soltec demonstrates its commitment to international best practices in corporate governance and transparency.


Mariano Berges: an Executive with over 20 years of experience

Mariano Berges joined the company as COO last February. With more than two decades of experience in the renewable energy sector, he has played a crucial role in global projects totaling over 20 GW in solar, wind, and battery storage energy.

An Industrial Engineer with a Master’s in Renewable Energies and an Advanced Management Program (AMP) from IESE, he has held high-responsibility positions in companies such as INDRA, SOCOIN, FRV, and RPC.

Berges has distinguished himself as a co-founder of several companies and a leader of innovative projects, such as the 20 MW Trujillo solar project and the implementation of the first battery project with Tesla in the United Kingdom. His ability to create multidisciplinary teams and expand markets has enabled him to work in over a dozen countries, solidifying his reputation in the industry. Since joining, his goal has been to strengthen the company’s operations and establish a foundation for greater operational efficiency and sustainable growth.


Raúl Morales: committed to innovation and sustainability

Raúl Morales is the co-founder of Soltec, a company he established in 2004. Under his leadership, Soltec has become an integrated company in the photovoltaic solar energy sector, with 18 GW of track record, presence in 17 countries, 225 GW in development, and over 250 patents. Raúl’s academic background includes a specialization in Industrial Electronics as a Technical Engineer and a degree in Industrial Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena. Additionally, he has expanded his knowledge with a Certificate Program in Financial Analysis from the University of California, Berkeley.

Raúl Morales has demonstrated a combination of passion and dedication that has led Soltec to become a global leader in the photovoltaic solar market and to establish an excellent position in the markets of Latin America, Europe, and the United States. His commitment to renewable energies and his focus on operational productivity through innovation and the attraction of qualified talent have been key to his success.